Reiki Classes in Cochrane, Alberta

Reiki is a proven method of energy healing that allows for a simple and direct way for anyone to connect with Universal Life Force. Reiki, as a practice, can help to resolve health-related and personal challenges. It is a gentle and non-invasive approach, can be done with hands-on or hands-off and even remotely! There are different schools of Reiki, the most popular are Usui and Karuna Reiki. Reiki is not tied to any specific religion and can be incorporated into one’s daily life easily and effectively. There are many different Reiki Masters in the Cochrane and Calgary area offering Reiki classes.

Reiki training is generally separated into 3 different levels:

  1. Level I – You learn to perform Reiki on yourself and others.
  2. Level II – You learn the distance Reiki symbol so you can send Reiki to other locations
  3. Level III & Master/Teacher Level – This involves the Advanced Reiki symbol and also learning how to give Reiki attunements to others.

Once attuned to specific Reiki symbols, an individual can use them to help heal themselves and those around them. A common path for a Reiki practitioner is to first practice on themselves, family and friends and then progress to providing Reiki to those who wish to receive a treatment.

Many of those practitioners who are involved in other healing arts and modalities incorporate Reiki into their sessions to deepen the effect of the healing session. Reiki is gentle, yet powerful, and results will vary from session to session and person to person. All Reiki intention is set to the “Highest Good for all.”

The path to achieving your Reiki Level can take as long as you need. It is an empowering process from the first Level, as you literally are able to take your own energy work and practice “into your own hands”.

Upcoming Reiki Classes in Cochrane, Alberta

Interested in learning Reiki? Cochrane Reiki is a local group of active Reiki Masters and Practitioners. Send us an email and we will notify you of upcoming Reiki classes in Cochrane, Alberta.

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